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Owned and Adored
For my very first post, I wanted to talk about what it means to me to be owned. I am submissive, so can only really speak from my viewpoint, but I hope I can adequately convey the depth of emotion belonging to someone coaxes from a submissive heart.
I am a strong, confident woman in my outside life. I call the shots, command staff members. However, when the day is finished and I go home, I crave nothing more than being possessed, owned, protected, and adored. All of these things come with submitting to a Dominant.
You’ll commonly hear people say “BDSM is not about sex.” And it’s not. There is a lot of sexuality involved and many dirty, filthy, lovely things, but it goes far, far deeper than that. It is voluntarily relinquishing control of your body to someone else. The amount of trust, love, and respect involved in a healthy D/s relationship is immense.
There is nothing more thrilling than sitting at a Master’s feet, the feel of his influence ever-present around your throat in the form of his collar, wearing for him whatever he requires - whether it be plugs, clamps, or nothing at all. Looking up at him with adoration shining clearly in your eyes, every heartbeat, every thought, every fiber of your being devoted to his pleasure. Gaining immense pleasure by seeing that he is pleased. Serving. Obeying. Belonging.
And I can imagine there is nothing more thrilling for a Dominant than seeing the look in his submissive’s eyes that speaks without any words. Knowing his girl sits there because of a choice. That the leash and collar and every other form of physical tethering can never equal that of the spiritual tethering between a Dominant and submissive.
Every soft, adoring gaze resonates with a single word: Yours.
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